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Introducing Froxt DCP

In 2021, we started an initiative called Froxt Work Management (FWM) Cloud First Releases for Ecosystem which enabled a developer to enroll their cloud instances to receive Froxt’s latest cloud platform APIs, features, and changes.

Introducing Froxt EMC

Froxt Cloud will help companies with customer experiences, simplifying design and deployment and eliminating upgrades. With EMC Cloud, marketers can instantly create, manage, and deliver omnichannel experiences.

Data localization using Froxt

Exploring data localization, customer responsibility, and how Froxt supports compliance. Every online communication, however, requires the transfer of data, often across international borders.

Updates to debugging workflow

We’ve released an update to debugging workflows in Froxt Platform, making them more intuitive so you can clearly identify Open errors. Open errors now includes all those that are new and awaiting your attention.

Security at Froxt

We at Froxt understand how critical it is to keep data safe and secure — after all, our mission is to help our customers build human connections in a digital world, and trust is essential.

Data Privacy Day at Froxt

Outlining what our continued commitment to data privacy and compliance means for our customers. In today’s increasingly globalized and digitalized economy, data is a valuable and significant commodity for any organization.

Froxt Metrics that matter

Digital goals are a key element of optimization on Froxt DEP and indeed any Froxt instance. When we think about ‘goals’ in the digital sense we are referring to measurable actions that can be taken on the site.

Froxt MFP API Research Preview

We’re releasing an Froxt MFP API research preview for accessing new AI models developed by Froxt AI Team. Machine learning is moving very fast, and we’re constantly upgrading our technology so that our users stay up to date.

Introducing Froxt MFA

Customer Trust is our highest priority at Froxt. It’s more important than ever to implement stronger security measures in light of increasing security threats that could affect services and apps that are critical to businesses and communities.