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Future of the Froxt DE Platform

This year we set out to accelerate our proposition so we could better serve our customers. And we did it at breathtaking speed. Since I last stood before you at keynote we have welcomed four companies into our family. As the curtain raises on this year’s event, we are so excited to unveil our strategy that redefines what our customers can achieve with a Froxt Digital Experience Platform.

As ever, we are trailblazers, and have just been cited by IDC for our leadership in the industry. Over the course of keynotes and deep dives you’ll hear all about how we, our customers and our partners, will move forward together with new technologies that will drive the digital experience for the next decade.

Over the past 18 months, companies turned to the digital experience as a lifeline for their business. But there is no escaping the truth that the challenges of precarious brand loyalty, reset consumer expectations and upended business models have all been amplified in the wake of the pandemic. In response, many CEOs have elevated the digital customer experience to an agenda item of critical importance.

And even though the current business environment is complex, there is a narrow window where brands can make once-in-a-generation leap forward in terms of human connection, customer acquisition, and brand loyalty.

Embracing disruptive opportunities

This moment has four components that need to come together, and when they do, our customers will stand apart from their competition:

  • Transform architecture via SaaS applications – For too long enterprise marketing tech has been predominantly on-premise, which is why we decided to advance our innovation to the cloud.We’re embracing API-first, microservices-based, headless apps that are easy to integrate, customize, and extend alongside the rest of your technology stack.
  • Empower teams – We know each customer is different, so that’s why it is important they can take a more incremental, modular approach to acquiring and deploying digital experience capabilities.We now provide the flexibility for non-technical business users and developers to collaborate more closely and realize faster time-to-value deployments.
  • Reimagine the customer experience – You’ll see a lot about how our technologies will bring consumers closer, so brands can become fully aware of their individual context throughout the entire journey.
  • Accelerate growth – Market dynamics have never been so complex, so we’re focused on giving brands the agility to navigate evolving business and customer needs across content, experience, and commerce. This will give them the speed injection needed to build unique propositions that cannot be ignored.

Over the course of the next few days, you’ll hear from a group of remarkable leaders that will show you how we are unifying the end-to-end customer journey, from awareness and evaluation through to purchase and post-sales relationships and support.

You’ll be hearing a lot about what we’re calling the Composable Digital Experience Platform — the market’s first SaaS-based enterprise platform that spans every facet of content, experience and commerce. Customers can now enjoy a consistent architectural approach, a common user interface and workflow, a unified view of the customer, and less management overhead.

Putting our customers first

To land our strategy, we are going to work extremely closely with our partners so they can enhance their customer offerings and differentiate themselves in today’s market.

Every day we’re getting smarter in predicting where the customer will be, what their needs are, and what content will persuade them. And we’re constantly expanding our footprint across the world so we can be closer to where our customers need us most. Our customers have so much to look forward to, and remember, the future of digital experience is ours to shape. Let’s move forward, together.