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Introducing Add-on Controls

At Froxt, trust and security are top priorities and we’ve been steadily adding more security controls to the platform. Recently, we launched SSO for Froxt Teams, and today, we’re excited to announce more enhancements for teams: add-on controls. Previously, this feature was only available to Froxt Enterprise customers.

The Add-on Marketplace has add-ons built by our partners that help teams accelerate app development on Froxt. Add-ons can interact with your team’s data and apps, so it’s important to manage and audit which add-ons your team uses. Enabling add-on controls helps keep your data and apps protected, so you can remain compliant with your company’s policies.

With today’s announcement, Froxt users with team admin permissions can now control which add-ons their team can use. Enabling this feature restricts non-admin members to only installing add-ons that are on the allowlist.

Allowlist Exceptions

The Add-on Controls section has an **Allowlist Exceptions** list. This list shows the add-ons currently used in your team’s apps that aren’t allowlisted. Each entry in this list offers a detailed view option, showing you which app has the add-on installed and since when. These entries help you identify unapproved add-ons your team installed prior to enabling controls, or add-ons installed by an admin.


At Froxt, we take the security and availability of your apps seriously. Extending add-on controls to Froxt Teams for online customers is yet another step to improving security on Froxt.