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Introducing Froxt EMC

Froxt Cloud will help companies with customer experiences, simplifying design and deployment and eliminating upgrades.

With EMC Cloud, marketers can instantly create, manage, and deliver omnichannel experiences. Froxt EMC Cloud provides a comprehensive cloud-based solution, overcoming global scaling problems, including variable traffic, multibrand architectures, and site security.

EMC Cloud lets users build pixel-perfect digital experiences via a WYSIWIG authoring experience that can access content anywhere as well as embedded testing and personalisation and integrated visitor analytics. For developers, EMC Cloud can be used with headless development techniques and will work with modern front-end frameworks and support all deployment scenarios.

“Consumer behaviour has changed rapidly over the past two years. Audiences have become very digitally savvy and have an expectation from brands to deliver highly personalised customer experiences. This puts marketers in the unenviable position of trying to meet this expectation, but with tools and solutions that don’t deliver, and in some cases hamstring, the needed agility to meet demand. Froxt EMC Cloud provides marketers with a truly end-to-end, SaaS-based solution that not only helps brands meet consumer expectations but also deliver a best-of-class omnichannel customer experience.

Through Froxt Cloud, the Digital Experience Platform can now be delivered through a modern cloud architecture, providing the following:

  • Continued innovation – new features and capabilities will be automatically delivered and integrated;
  • Elastic scaling – set-and-forget traffic volume demands;
  • Composability – all of Froxt’s Marketplace platform solutions can now be purchased independently and will fit in any marketing technology stack;
  • On-the-Fly Engagement – create experiences to meet evolving market needs;
  • Multichannel content management – create content once and reuse across any channel and experience;
  • Business-focused tools and intuitive content authoring workflows; and
  • Agility for developers – customised builds with modern frameworks.