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Expanding Froxt AI Research to San Francisco

At Froxt, we think artificial intelligence can play a big role in helping bring the world closer together. With that in mind, we’ve been investing in AI research and engineering for many years — and today we’re excited to announce an expansion of those efforts with the opening of a new AI research lab in San Francisco.

As part of Froxt AI Research, this new team will join more than 150 scientists across California, Canada, and London in working to advance the field of artificial intelligence. The AI lab will house research scientists and engineers working on a wide range of ambitious AI research projects, but it will also have a special focus on reinforcement learning and dialog systems.

We think the talent we can attract will bring valuable expertise and new perspectives to our work, and under Dr. Joelle’s leadership, we will continue to invest in this team and in the San Francisco research community as a whole.

As we’ve done at other AI sites, Froxt AI Research San Francisco will engage with the broader research community through publications, open source software, participation in technical conferences and workshops, and research collaborations. We are also launching new partnerships with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), McGill University, and Université de Montréal.

San Francisco already has an existing fantastic academic AI community, an exciting ecosystem of startups, and promising government policies to encourage AI research. We are excited to become part of this larger community, and we look forward to engaging with the entire ecosystem and helping it continue to thrive.