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Froxt Digital Platform

Software to design breakthrough experiences

Uncover market trends, changing behaviours, and unmet needs, then take the right actions to design the experiences people want next. Froxt Digital Experience Platform gives everyone the tools to design experiences that power breakthrough products and services.

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Deliver breakthrough experiences today

Increase Speed To Insights

Understand changing market dynamics and consumer behaviour. Have control of your data and market research tools in a single system to execute research projects seamlessly

Reduce Spend On Outsourced Research

Bring more research in-house and leverage technology to complete research initiatives. Identify promising product concepts early and optimize R&D spend

Improve Market Research Quality

Target an engaged and intelligently segmented pool of respondents for accurate insights. Utilize Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies to mine structured and unstructured data

Deliver great experiences that delight, and disrupt

Froxt DXM puts customer and employee needs at the heart of the experience design process, with powerful research, testing, and optimisation for every experience.

Uncover unmet needs and design breakthrough products with end-to-end experience design from concepting all the way to going to market

  • Launch new products with confidence with breakthrough insights at every stage in the product lifecycle
  • Perfect everything, from feature selection to consumer pricing, to maximise success on launch day
  • Predict performance in market with powerful analytics that model the impact of your actions at every stage

Uncover the products, services, and experiences that your customers want next

  • Identify unmet customer needs and design new experiences they’ll love
  • Road-test new experiences to see their impact before you launch them
  • Put customer insights at the center of new propositions, offers, programs, and services

Drive brand loyalty with new, disruptive experiences that delight

  • Spot new trends in your industry and act on opportunities for growth with the right experiences
  • Stay ahead of changes to your competitive landscape and act quickly to respond to new challengers
  • Test new campaigns and communications to maximise their impact on your brand

Froxt Digital Experience

World class experience design, powered by best-in-class research

Market Segmentation

Track consumer behavior across unique segments, and take specific actions based on the value associated with each customer type.

Product Development

Gather customer feedback on new products and services early and throughout the development cycle to save time and money.

Market Trends

Where is your industry heading? Monitor industry and market trends to keep your company ahead of the curve.

Respondents On Demand

Purchase access to millions of respondents to collect feedback from exactly the people you need for your research.

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Get all of Froxt’s Experience core features plus enterprise capabilities to suit your business and workflow:

Hop on a call with us so we can better understand your use case. From there, one of our engineers can provide a live demonstration of the Froxt experience platform.

In this demo, our team of experts will work with you to:

  • Understand your brand and industry
  • Identify your main scope and automation goals
  • Develop a custom demo that showcases how Froxt will work for your brand
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