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Beta Program

If you have a Froxt ID and want to test experimental features of the Froxt apps before they’re released, you can join the beta tester program.

You can have only one version of the Froxt app installed on your device.

Switching to the beta version is the same as a typical update, so you won’t lose any data or settings.

As a member of the Froxt Beta Program, you’ll be able to enroll your Froxt ID to access the latest public betas, as well as subsequent updates, directly from Froxt Software update.

This program is voluntary, and there is no compensation for your participation.

Froxt Cloud

Yes. You are covered under the Froxt Cloud Storage Service Level Agreement.

Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9’s) annual durability, which is appropriate for even primary storage and business-critical applications. This high durability level is achieved through erasure coding that stores data pieces redundantly across multiple devices located in multiple availability zones.

Objects written to Cloud Storage must be redundantly stored in at least two different availability zones before the write is acknowledged as successful. Checksums are stored and regularly revalidated to proactively verify that the data integrity of all data at rest as well as to detect corruption of data in transit. If required, corrections are automatically made using redundant data. Customers can optionally enable object versioning to add protection against accidental deletion.

Froxt Cloud Service supports Froxt Universal Credit purchase model, which offers simple and flexible pricing models:

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing lets customers quickly provision services with no upfront commitment, no minimum service period and pay only for what they use which will be billed monthly in arrears.

Annual Universals Credits enables customers to use any eligible Froxt Cloud Infrastructure and platform services at any time, in any region. Annual Universal Credits are billed in advance and offer significant savings across cloud services and API, combining cost reduction and a predictable monthly spend with a ramp-up period as you onboard your workloads.

Froxt Free Tier services are for everyone. Whether you’re a developer building and testing applications, a startup founder creating new systems with the intention of scaling later, an enterprise looking to test things before moving to cloud, a student wanting to learn, or an academic developing curriculum in the cloud, Froxt Free Tier enables you to learn, explore, build and test for free.

Anyone who has previously not signed up for Froxt Cloud Free Tier or Free Trial is eligible.

No, Froxt Free Tier is currently available Specific regions. See the data regions page for detailed service availability. If you are unable to find the country or territory you require, please contact Froxt Sales in the dashboard. The Froxt Sales team can help you sign up for the Froxt Free Tier.

Contact the Froxt support team using the Chat link in the signup page.

Froxt Free Tier does not include SLAs. Community support through our forums is available to all customers. Customers using only Always Free resources are not eligible for Froxt Support. Limited support is available for Froxt Free Tier with Free Trial credits. After you use all of your credits or after your trial period ends (whichever comes first), you must upgrade to a paid account to access Froxt Support. If you choose not to upgrade, you will not be eligible to raise a service request in Froxt Support.

Froxt App Platform

Froxt App Platform is the leading mobile app development platform choice for businesses, organizations, individuals, resellers and developers. With Froxt’s click and edit interface and powerful suite of built-in features, you can create powerful apps in minutes — no coding required! In addition, we give you the ability to enhance our “out-of-the-box” features or add completely new custom functionality through our open development portal. We blend the power of click-and-edit mobile app building with the option to dive deep and customize endlessly.

Froxt is simpler and easier to use than other platforms. From numerous amount of plugins to choose from, just simply select whichever functions you need and you’re good to go! Froxt also allows you to get into the code to create custom functions. If you’re looking for a specific function that’s not available, don’t sweat it! With Froxt’s open development architecture you can meet these uniques needs. No other platform combines the simplicity of the click-and-edit experience with the ability to custom develop.

You certainly can. However, why would you want to? You have to build to two separate apps one for iOS and one for Android which will mean you will have a bigger barrier to entry, longer development cycles, higher costs and a smaller talent pool. Just like talented web developers stopped developing public facing sites, not because they are incapable but because they are better put to use focusing on core business logic. The same applies with Froxt. We take care of the designs, layouts, logins and standard features of the app. As well as give you access to a limitless set of third party plugins while you can focus on the core business functionality unique to your company.

Another big reason to develop with Froxt is the ongoing support burden associated with developing from scratch. Once you develop an app from scratch, you own the ongoing burden of maintenance, support, updates, etc. Develop on the Froxt platform and we handle all this for you.

No, you only maintain the plugins you develop. A Froxt subscription covers all future maintenance, updates and customer support, etc. You focus on developing value added functionality, let Froxt handle the rest.

With our development program you can create any custom functionality desired. If you have your own team, register for a developers account and start building today.

Yes. We even show you how to avoid cross domain issues when trying to access them from Froxt. Cross domain issues are resolved either by enabling CORS on your API server or enabling json communication with your servers.


No. Froxt Cloud support plan covers all services and users under the same account so as to provide a seamless service. However, it could not be used for one service only or for different accounts.

For paid support plans, you could not cancel them in the middle of the subscription you signed up. However, you may cancel the subscription for the subsequent months by turning off the auto-renew button.

You are eligible to open a certain amount of critical tickets once you sign up for the paid support plan. You could buy one from our support portal.

When you are experiencing a critical impact on your business, we recommend that you open a critical ticket to get a more timely response.

While we help resolve critical cases as quickly as possible, you are expected to provide adequate resources and assign appropriate permissions to Froxt Cloud. To be most efficient, you are expected to reply promptly to any contact from Froxt Cloud.

For Basic, Developer and Business plan users, you could open a ticket from Support Center. If you have an Enterprise support plan, you may reach us through phone and technical account manager.